Food and water security is a vital issue for Salvadoran communities that are experiencing the negative effects of a variety of factors, including globalization, natural disasters and drought. Inequality in access to food throughout the country is troublingly high. Efforts to improve food security and water quality are making concrete, positive impacts in El Salvador.

agricultural crop project Otra Fe CanadaThis year, 60 families are participating in the food security agricultural projects in which corn and sorghum crops are grown and harvested with heritage seeds which are saved for the next planting. Using good natural fertilizers reduces the cost of production. After three or four years of this practice the farmers have needed to use less fertilizer and pesticides, the crop yields are better, and the health of farmers and their families have greatly improved.


Chicken coop programs Otra Fe Canada


So far 51 families in three communities have benefited from the chicken projects, in which coops are built, initial flocks are supplied, and educational programs are provided to ensure the ongoing health and maintenance of the coops and flocks.



Lorena stove Otra Fe Canada


Sixty four “Lorena” stoves have been built in order to improve the health standards of women and children, to aid in the reduction of atmospheric pollutants, and reduce the amount of firewood needed for cooking which in turn helps to slow deforestation of the rain forest.



This is just a sample of some of our on-going programs.  Follow the links in the left hand menu to see many of the other programs that Otra Fe Canada is assisting with.