Household Gardens

Location: Metapán, El Salvador

Details: The goal of this project is to cultivate household vegetables in limited spaces using non-chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Miguel Portillo Church in Metapán is working with a community of 20 single moms with very low incomes to help them stretch their meagre budgets. The garden project will help them with technical know-how, seeds, fertilizers and accompaniment. The end result will yield a better diet at a lower cost for the participants and their children (total of 100 persons benefit).

Update: In September 2016, the first fruits and vegetables were harvested as seen in the photos above.

Program Sponsorship Needed: $155 (CAD) per single mom. We have 20 moms in need so total program cost is $3100 (CAD).

2016’s project was fully funded. We are now accepting donations for this year’s gardens. Click Here to sponsor a garden today.

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