Land Ownership

Location: Monte el Padre, Texistepeque, El Salvador

Description: Land ownership has been a serious problem for small farmers in El Salvador for centuries. Most of the land is owned by a few oligarchs. Small farmers like those in Monte el Padre must rent land in order to grow crops to feed their families. Since the landowners will not rent land to the same farmer for more than a couple of years in a row (fear of squatter’s rights), the farmer has no incentive to improve the soil through better farming techniques.

Otra Fe El Salvador will purchase the land and sell it to the individual farmers at 0% interest with payments based on income per year. As funds are repaid to Otra Fe El Salvador, monies will be lent for land purchase to other small farmers. When it is determined that the need for such a fund no longer exists, the monies will be used to provide scholarships for families with scarce resources, medical clinics in rural communities, and other such projects which will raise the nutritional, health and educational levels in rural communities in Western El Salvador.

Sponsorship Needed: $2500 (CAD) funds the purchase of land for one family. There are over 100 farmers and families in this area.

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