Medical Clinic

Location: Chancuyo, Texistepeque, El Salvador

Description: A clinic was built and began functioning in 2003. Families became partners in the project for a fee of $2 per month for which they were entitled to free consultations and medicines for the entire nuclear family. The political atmosphere in those days was still quite polarized. The Mayor of Ahuachapán opposed the project and passed the word that partners in the clinic would be considered “communists”, and would receive no favour from his office.

Times have changed. That mayor is gone. The new mayor is much more receptive to the services of our clinic, since promoting better health is among his priorities. We are hoping that in 2017 there will be funds for startup costs, medicines, and building upgrades.

Sponsorship Needed: $100 (CDN) per family (200 families in the area who would benefit)

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