Traditional Crops

Location: Metapán and Ahuachapán, El Salvador

Communities: Atehuecía, Monte el Padre, El Milagro, Sandiego

Description: This year, the agriculture project will support 55 families farming a total of approximately 93 acres of land – some owned, some rented. Rental costs and seed costs are the responsibility of the farmers. The project helps with organic and some chemical fertilizers, appropriate pesticides to combat new forms of infestations, as well as technical support,training, and community organizing.

Program Sponsorship Needed: $300 (CAD) supports one family

from Luis Otoniel Pleités Morán, Agricultural Technician, June 19, 2018 (translated from Spanish)

Dear brothers and sisters of Otra Fe Canada: We share with you the activities most relevant so far in the month of June 2018; with many thanks for your solidarity.

Last Wednesday, June thirteen, fertilizer was purchased for the community El Milagro and they organized the delivery of the same in the name of the community. The people in the photo (Ephraim and Adolio and Jose Mendoza) thank the support for agriculture and for the agricultural producers of corn and beans which are historically the daily food of thousands of Salvadorans.

Delivery of fertilizer for family gardens

These are part of the plots where the fertilizer delivered to families in the community El Milagro; The Mendoza family and the Orellana family work there.

   the Mendoza family of El Milagro

As part of the FOOD SECURITY project, we share photos of the pilot project garden in El Milagro community, Texistepeque. They are the Mendoza Alarcón family that leads the demonstration of the crops after receiving the orientation of the necessary care for its proper development and achieve fruitful results. There are plants of zucchini, a new crop for them, and tomato, a crop known but of which they were unaware how to manage the development and production. Little by little, the idea and importance of the family garden in the integration of the family and health through nutrition that we can obtain on our patios.

Luis Otoniel Pleités Morán
Agricultural technician
OTRA FE El Salvador


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