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© Photo Credit to Sandy Davis

October  2020

From Maiz, to Maicillo, to Beans in the Same Field!

The dedication, resourcefulness, and perseverance of the Salvadoran farmers never cease to amaze. Here in our country it's one crop per field. In El Salvador you can rest assured that farming land is used to the fullest! 


Soon after the corn (maiz) crop has been "bent", some farmers are planting "maicillo" between the rows. It's similar to corn with smaller kernels and is primarily used as feed for the animals. Others begin planting beans (frijoles) in between the rows of corn. This ensures a steady harvest of vegetables to get them through to the next growing season.


The farmers have been very fortunate this year to have had excellent weather, good fertilizer, and despite Covid-19 making it difficult to get around safely, good health amongst their them.

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