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Salvadoran Coffee Beans ~SOLD OUT!

Thanks you to all the avid coffee drinkers out there.  We are almost completely sold out of the fresh, high-altitude coffee beans that our volunteers brought back from El Salvador in January.  It has proven to be a fantastic, and tasty, way to fund-raise in order to help out the students in Ahuachapan and Metapan with scholarships, and the farmers with agricultural crops and community chicken coops.

If you missed out on getting your bag of Salvadoran coffee beans, email us at info@otrafe.org and we'll see if there's an extra bag or two that we can send you.  Until next year.....

Thank you to everyone for your support!  ¡Muchas Gracias!


Ontario says "Adiós to Otoniel"


Otoniel has returned safely to El Salvador, no worse for wear! 

Otoniel Pleités Morán, an Agronomist from El Salvador, and a founding member of Otra Fe El Salvador, just completed a one-month visit of our great country in February, his first time being this far North.  We kept him quite busy visiting farms, meeting lots of new people, and even a little bit of snow shoveling, just for fun. 

Click on the slideshow to see the full size image.