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Otra Fe Association for Food Security and Development in Western El Salvador is a Non-Government Organization (NGO) registered in Canada. Our work happens on the ground in El Salvador, focusing on various projects such as food security, empowerment of women, education, community programs, and health care.

Every project we sponsor is community driven, which means that communities tell us what they need and we work to make it happen.

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Agricultural Projects

Food and water security is a vital issue for communities experiencing the negative effects of a variety of factors, including globalization, natural disasters and drought.

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Livestock Projects

Efforts to improve food security are making concrete and positive impacts in El Salvador through the use of community chicken coops.

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Children's Programs

For children of families living in the rural areas of El Salvador, the hopes of achieving education comes to an abrupt halt long before reaching high school.

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Construction Projects

From building "Lorena" stoves, to help improve the health of women and children, to the construction of concrete block homes, for safe housing during storms.

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