Donate your Time



Once every year Otra Fe Canada puts together a group of volunteers from across Canada to travel to the communities of Ahuachapan and Metapan in Western El Salvador. This gives Canadians a unique opportunity to learn all about this country, it's history and it's people, and to work and enjoy meals alongside their Salvadoran brothers and sisters.

Each visit is specifically tailored to a project that needs building or repairing, and/or reviewing the status of previously completed projects. We communicate frequently with Otra Fe El Salvador as they are the ones who decide what is needed, not us. We need to always remember, we are here to help them, not change them.

See for yourself what Otra Fe is all about.  It'll be life-changing!!

Helping Hands



Our Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers from all across Canada.  We meet once a month by video-conference to discuss what's happening in El Salvador, brainstorm fundraising ideas, talk about future trips and projects, etc.  We are always looking for people to join us.

If interested, or you have questions, please give us call. We'll be happy to chat with you about it.