El Salvador Trip Archives ~ Photos from Past Trips

Photos and Updates from Our Trips to El Salvador

January 2020

Brenda Patterson and 8 other volunteers from across Canada headed to El Salvador in January.  The focus of this trip was building and setting up another community chicken coop in San Diego, E.S., similar to the one built on a previous trip to the community of Atehuecia.  The structure has been re-designed so that the chickens are better protected from the torrential rains and scorching heat that is experienced at different times of the year in this country.

We would like to thank all of those who donated in support of this community project. It has been designed to benefit many families rather than just one, and is easily sustainable by those families through the guidance and education offered by a local agronomist and member of Otra Fe El Salvador.

CLICK HERE to read about the daily adventures of this Canadian group, written by one of our volunteers on site.

January 2019 

Brenda Patterson and 4 other volunteers headed back to El Salvador in January.  One of the highlights of the trip was a visit to the massacre site at El Mozote, accompanied by high school and university students from Metapan and Ahuachapan. 


Many young people in El Salvador know little or nothing of their own history, in part because the official curricula left most of the facts out.  Without a knowledge of their history, it is difficult for the coming generations to participate meaningfully in political and economic processes.

For the whole story, written by one of our Canadian volunteers on site, CLICK HERE.

July 2018 Trip News

Jim Patterson and Brad Lunn visited several communities in El Salvador in July.  The two helped with a Dental Clinic in the rural community of Monte el Padre, as well as assisting with the construction of a Lorena stove project.

If you are interested in accompanying Jim or Brenda Patterson on the next trip to help the beautiful people of El Salvador, just send an email with your contact information and tell us a little bit about yourself and why you’d like to go.

January 2018 Trip News

Jim & Brenda Patterson and 8 other volunteers visited El Salvador in January to help out on various projects.  They helped to repair and rebuild several Lorena stoves that had succumbed to the forces of nature, and general wear and tear.  They assisted with the build and set up of raised garden beds in Texistepeque, all the while learning about the history of the country and it's wonderful people .

Trip photos over the years....

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