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Otra Fe Canada, is working alongside Otra Fe El Salvador, to help improve the lives of the Salvadoran people through assisting with education, funding and other resources needed to ensure a continuing supply of sustainable and nutritional food choices.

Spring 2019

In El Milagro, travelers, along with members of the community, built seven raised garden beds in enclosures (to keep out marauding wildlife) as well as demonstration gardens using tires and various containers, usually considered garbage.  In the past three years, the gardens have grown to encompass much of the yard space, and the crops grown are sufficient for the five families, with some left over to sell.


They have successfully grown tomatoes, radishes, peppers of various varieties, as well as greens and herbs.The farmers also grow heritage corn, sorghum, beans, and squashes in their rented fields.

Letter from Otoniel Pleités Moran, Técnico Agropecuario, Otra Fe El Salvador - April 2019

As part of the follow-up work to the food security project in the month of  April, we met with people participating in the project and also people interested in knowing about the experience of the Mendoza family in Hacienda El Milagro in having their small garden at home.

Como parte del trabajo de seguimiento al proyecto de seguridad alimentaria en el mes de abril nos reunimos con personas participantes del proyecto y también de personas interesadas en conocer la experiencia de la familia Mendoza en hacienda El Milagro en tener su pequeño huerto en casa.

The group also saw the experience of Don Adolio Orellana who is already preparing chickens and small chicks for the end of this year. This is a flock of Creole chickens and cocks for feeding the family and for some additional economic income for the months of October and November.

El grupo también vio la experiencia de Don Adolio Orellana quien ya se está preparando con pollos y gallinas pequeñas para el final del presente año. Este es una manada de pollos y pollas criollas para alimentación de la familia y para algún ingreso económico adicional por los meses de octubre y noviembre. 

For the Mendoza family, having the experience of making their own fertilizer in a healthy way has meant a change in the valuation of domestic resources, in this case organic by-products, which were commonly called ... GARBAGE .. This has been during this year an experience of change for the family.

Para la familia Mendoza tener la experiencia de hacer su propio abono de manera saludable ha significado un cambio en la valoración de los recursos domésticos ,en este caso subproductos orgánicos , que comúnmente le llamaban ... BASURA .. Esta ha sido en el presente año una experiencia de cambio para la familia.

Pastor Juan Ramón Ramírez shows some of the fruit of sweet peppers and hot peppers, called jalapeño.

El pastor Juan Ramón Ramírez muestra un poco del fruto de chiles dulces y chile picante , llamado jalapeño.

The report includes a new breeding pair (rooster and chicken) to start a new flock of Chickens at Monte El Padre at José Mancía's house. This is the beginning of a new chicken coop.

En el reporte se incluye nuevos pié de cría ( gallo y gallina ) para iniciar una nueva parvada de pollos en Monte El Padre en casa de José Mancía. Este es el inicio de un nuevo gallinero.

After the meeting the group made a small observation tour during which there were questions regarding crop management and chicken care.

Despues de la reunión el grupo realizó un pequeño recorrido de observación en la cual hubo preguntas respecto al manejo de los cultivos y cuido de los pollos.

Snapshots of the moment upon seeing the quality of the fruits.

Instantáneas del momento de ver la calidad de los frutos.

In the end Don José Mendoza shared that he has spent four months without buying chilies for soups. He also shared his cultivation of the hibiscus as an alternative crop to generate income. (Adolio and Ramón accompanying)

Al final Don José Mendoza nos compartía que ha pasado cuatro meses sin comprar chiles para las sopas. Igualmente compartió de su cultivo de flor de Jamaica como cultivo alternativo para generar ingresos económicos. (Acompañan Adolio y Ramón)

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Traditional Crops

This project helps with  fertilizers, pesticides, technical support, training, and community organizing.

Fruit Bearing Crops

Plantain and other fruit trees are an alternative crop for families with limited space, and it can be self-sustaining once established.

Raised Garden Beds

The goal of this project is to cultivate household vegetables in limited spaces using non-chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

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