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For children in families living in the rural areas of El Salvador, the hope of achieving an education comes to an abrupt halt long before reaching high school. The costs associated with schooling are often beyond the means of families living on a bare subsistence income.


Our scholarship program supports high school and university students in Metapán and Ahuachapán who demonstrate the desire to achieve an education.

Program Sponsorship Needed:  $80 (CAD) funds one student for one month.

The students that you sponsor through Otra Fe are required to send us a letter each month, letting us know how they are doing in school, any marks they may have received, and issues they may be encountering.

University student sponsored by Otra Fe Canada

""Hello friends of Otra Fe. I am sending you greetings from here at the university and I'm waiting for my patients. Have a good day!" ~Jacqueline, student of Dentistry

January 2020 Activities

During the month of January, the young scholarship students carried out two activities, in which they worked together as a group to achieve a common good. This is very important for them, since theycan provide our help and at the same time acquire new experiences.

l. Living with the elderly

This month we carried out an activity, which consisted of visiting the elderly at El Hogar de Ancianos Llanos Magaña, in Ahuachapán. The purpose of the activity was to listen carefully to their talks, in which they told us about their lives, feelings and joys. Likewise, we had the opportunity to brighten the day of a man named Oscar with whom we played Domino. At the end of the visit many of them were happy as they had the opportunity to talk with a person, because many of them are forgotten by their relatives and need to be heard by someone. This was our mission and we did it very well.

ll. Suppling the aquaponics project tanks

We supply water to the aquaponics project located in the Integral Clinic. The activity consisted of transporting water from La Espino Lagoon to the tanks to supply them and to have a good functioning of the organic plantation and fish habitat. It was a very interesting and entertaining activity. We had the help of Pastor Felix with vehicular transport.

Reciba un cordial saludo, hermana marjorie y OtraFe,

Espero estén con excelente salud. 

Quiero darles las gracias por siempre dar su apoyo incondicional que nos motiva a seguir adelante, el saber que existen personas que confían en nosotros para prepararnos y ser personas de bien hacia la comunidad. 

Estoy infinitamente agradecido con ustedes porque nos entusiasma seguir con nuestros estudios y ser mejores personas cada día. 


Quería comentarles que ultimamente donde yo estudio hemos estado arreglando un motor de máquina de coser y equivale el 40% de nota, lo que significa que si al terminar de arreglarlo y funciona perfectamente, nos ponen 10 y tenemos 4 puntos. Estoy feliz porque entiendo genial el tema de la electricidad. Al principio cuesta porque es algo nuevo pero me propuse aprender y le puse animo a mis estudios y pude lograr mi meta. Estoy muy feliz porque siempre nos apoyan ustedes y nos gracias a eso nos hace ser mejores estudiantes. Muchas gracias por todo, y que tengan éxitos en sus labores. 

Bendiciones, Miguel

Letter from one of our Scholarship students                 October 29, 2019


Kind regards, sister Marjorie and OtraFe. I hope you are in good health. 


I want to thank you for always giving your unconditional support that motivates us to move forward, to know that people exist who rely on us to prepare and be good people towards the community.  I am infinitely grateful to you because we are excited to continue with our studies and be better people each day. 


I wanted to tell you that, lately where i study, we have been fixing a sewing machine engine and it is equal to 40% of the grade. This means that, if when we finish fixing it and it works perfectly, they give us 10 points and we have 4 points (towards our final grade).  I am happy because I understand greatly the subject of electricity.  At first it costs because it's something new, but I set out to learn and encouraged my studies and was able to achieve my goal.  I am very happy because you always support us and thanks to that, make us be better students.

Thank you very much for everything, and have success in your work.


Blessings, Miguel


The picture that I sent is the stator when we start to disassemble it (the stator is the immobile part of an engine which when energized causes a rotating magnetic field and makes the rotor turn - the rotor is the mobile part of the engine and is what rotates when the stator is energized) of the sewing machine.

La imagen que mande es el estator cuando lo empezamos a desarmar (el estator es la parte inmóvil de un motor lo que al energizarse provoca un campo magnetico rotativo y hace que el rotor giré) (el rotor es la parque móvil del motor y es lo que gira cuando el estator esta energizado) del motor de la máquina de coser. 

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