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Support an Otra Fe Project

Plan a group fundraiser or dinner with your friends, classroom, or community to support one of Otra Fe's projects. 


When thinking about how you would like your donation to Otra Fe used, consider getting together with family and friends and funding one of our many on-going projects, whether it be helping a single Mom with raised garden beds to feed her children, or sponsoring a student to go to University.

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Support the Children's Saturday Program for one month to help impoverished youth learn reading, writing and math skills.



Buy a vaccinated baby chick for the Community Chicken Coops.


Corn field in San Diego, Metapan

Supply one family with fertilizers, pesticides, training, and more in our Agricultural Projects



Buy a Lorena stove and reduce lung disease among the women cooking over open fires.


Yansi from Metapan
Yansi from Metapan

Help one student to attend College or University for one month in our Scholarship Program


banana trees March 2020

Supply one farmer and his family with a small, sustainable crop of plantain trees or other Fruit Bearing Crops. 


gardening tools

Supply a family with fresh vegetables every year in our Household Raised Gardens Project.



Buy a sturdy, reliable home  for a family, 


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