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Efforts to improve food security are making concrete and positive impacts in El Salvador. In January of 2016, the first delegation of Canadian volunteers visited the community of Atehuecia to break ground for a new chicken and egg project which houses 500 chickens, supports five families and supplies chickens and roosters (when needed) for future family coops.  This was just the beginning of something great! Since then we have funded two more community chicken coops, the newest one in San Diego, El Salvador.

So far 51 families in three communities have benefited from the chicken projects, in which coops are built, initial flocks are supplied, and educational programs are provided to ensure the ongoing health and maintenance of the coops and flocks.

Sponsorship Needed: $25 per chicken

The January 2020 trip to El Salvador was all about the CHICKENS!

The community chicken coop in San Diego, El Salvador is finished the build part of the project. Now we wait for the chickens.

The focus for the January trip was to assist the Salvadorans in the building of a new Community Chicken Coop, that will supply many families in San Diego, El Salvador with both food and ongoing income.  They also spent time making new friends and learning about the history, culture, and people of this wonderful country.

You can read all about the trip along with many photos that were taken, on our Current News page


The first video was sent to us on January 27, 2020, showing the completion of the new community chicken coop.  

Once Otoniel Pleités, an Agricultural Technician with Otra Fe El Salvador, returns to El Salvador (Feb 18th) from his visit to Canada, he will do 3 workshops with the participants, after which the chickens, the feed, and the medicines will be purchased.

The second video was taken by one of our volunteers while helping with the build earlier in January 2020.

This style of chicken coop was designed by the Otra Fe El Salvador agronomist, Otoniel Pleites (who coincidentally is the "Ot" in Otra Fe) to withstand earthquakes, provide adequate shelter from sun and wind for the chickens and also a secure storage area for the chicken feed.  It will hold 100 chickens to provide meat for six families with ample chicken left over to sell in order to have money with which to purchase more chicks to raise. This creates a self sustaining cycle.  

The cement blocks used for the building are reinforced with rebar which was installed first in the foundation and the blocks are placed over the rebar. As seen in the video on the left, it was a challenge to reach!  The tall area at the back of the project will become the storage area and the front, lower walls will be completed with wood posts and chicken wire and the whole structure will be covered with a roof.  This work will be completed by the builder that was hired to lay the bricks, putting dollars into the local economy.  He will be aided by the benefiting families as well.  

If you have any questions about what we do, wish to come along on our next trip, or want to request a copy of our most recent brochure....

A photo gallery of our past group visits to El Salvador, along with daily journal entries from our volunteers on-site.  We would love to have you join us on the next one.

There are many ways that you can help the people of this small country. Read more about where your money goes...and what you can do.

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