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© Photo Credit to Sandy Davis

Scholarship Student Activities - January 2020 

During the month of January, the young scholarship students carried out two activities, in which they worked together as a group to achieve a common good. This is very important for them, since they can provide help and at the same time acquire new experiences.

l. Living with the elderly

This month we carried out an activity, which consisted of visiting the elderly at El Hogar de Ancianos Llanos Magaña, in Ahuachapán. The purpose of the activity was to listen carefully to their talks, in which they told us about their lives, feelings and joys. Likewise, we had the opportunity to brighten the day of a man named Oscar with whom we played Dominos. At the end of the visit many of them were happy as they had the opportunity to talk with a person, because many of them are forgotten by their relatives and need to be heard by someone. This was our mission and we did it very well.

ll. Suppling the aquaponics project tanks

We supply water to the aquaponics project located in the Integral Clinic. The activity consisted of transporting water from La Espino Lagoon to the tanks to supply them and to have a good functioning of the organic plantation and fish habitat. It was a very interesting and entertaining activity. We had the help of Pastor Felix with vehicular transport.

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