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© Photo Credit to Sandy Davis

Salvadoran Coffee Beans ~SOLD OUT!

January 2020  -    As we do every year, Otra Fe Canada volunteers have sourced out some of the best tasting, premium, high altitude coffee beans in El Salvador. They met with the owners of the coffee plantation and saw, first hand, how the coffee is harvested and packaged.

When they return to Canada, you will have an opportunity to purchase these coffee beans, with 100% of the proceeds going back into supporting the work of Otra Fe Canada.


Thank you to all the avid coffee drinkers out there.  We are almost completely sold out of the fresh, high-altitude coffee beans that our volunteers brought back from El Salvador in January. 


It has proven to be a fantastic, and tasty way to fund-raise in order to help out the students in Ahuachapan and Metapan with scholarships, and the farmers with agricultural crops and community chicken coops.

If you missed out on getting your bag of Salvadoran coffee beans, email us at and we'll see if there's an extra bag or two that we can send you.  Until next year.....

Thank you to everyone for your support!  ¡Muchas Gracias!

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