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© Photo Credit to Sandy Davis

Summer in El Salvador is known as the "Rainy Season"

and the crops are LOVING it!

The rainy season in El Salvador is the primary growing season for crops for individual farming families. These photos illustrate just how prolific the crops can be with the proper care and application of fertilizers. Otra Fe Canada is proud to be helping these farmers achieve this kind of growth.


From the initial planting in May, and the first of two applications of fertilizer in June, the crops in El Salvador have already grown incredibly well! The second, and final, application of fertilizer was applied in July, and if these photos are any indication of the growth that is yet to come, these boys are going to need ladders to reach the corn cobs! We can all agree, that is some fine looking corn, indeed!

Chepe Ruiz's cornfield in Monte el Padre

May 2020

Don Victor Jun2020-6.jpg

June 2020

Don Juan in his cornfield in San Diego J

July 2020

"Ya se creció la milpa de don juan en San Diego, ya está en jilote y hay pipianes, hay vida mi gente, aquí esta el fruto de otra fe de Canadá, gracias amigos y amigas, este gesto quedará esculpido en las páginas de nuestra historia!!"

~ Ramon Ramirez, Street Minister of Miguel Portillo Baptist Community, Metapan

Translation: "The cornfield of Don Juan in San Diego is already grown, it has cobs and there is summer squash, there is life my people, here is the fruit of Otra Fe Canada. Thanks friends, this gesture will be sculpted in the pages of our history!!" 

~ Ramon Ramirez, Street Minister of Miguel Portillo Baptist Community, Metapan

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